2020 Women's Expo Now Open!


Why Become an Exhibitor Vendor?

  • 20+ year history at Oregon Convention Center
  • The BEST local attendee following
  • Robust yearly advertising campaign
  • Locally owned, community based Mgt Team 
  • You can sell or market products or services
  • Make new business connection - build your data base
  • Strong Social Media foot-print
  • Flexible payment plan (4x payments over 120 days)


Two yearly Exhibition Opportunities 

Date:   April 3rd, 2021 -Spring

 Time: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Location: Hall C - Oregon Conv Ctr

Date: Sept 18th, 2021 -Fall

Time: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Location: Hall A - Oregon Conv Ctr


Exhibitor Booth Categories

  1. Standard In-Line Space 10x10   $539.00
  2. Standard Corner Space 10x10   $739.00
  3. VIP Exhibitor Booth 10x10  $999.00


If you represent an MLM (Avon, Mary Kay, etc) click here for Expo Program Guidelines

*Food/Bev/Alcohol Vendors

Sampling Fee $99.  If your exhibition plans include Sampling with product sales, you must pay this fee. You may choose not to pay fee, but this will limit your activities in your space to general marketing and advertising.

become an expo sponsor

Become An Expo Sponsor

Each year provides us with new opportunities to create new Sponsorship Partners.  If your organization is like ours, you recognize that women are the influencers that move our economy forward.  Our annual event brings all of the market influencers together under one roof - for one day!  Join us, and accelerate your business marketing strategy by connecting with women!

Your Sponsorship will include a layered approach to connecting with women.  A robust mix of print, digital, and broadcast media all coupled with onsite event promotions.  Whether your Sponsorship is a multi-year or single yr, our approach is always the same.  We put our partners first by asking what works best for you. . . then and only then can we begin collaborating on a winning strategy.  Please take time to review the levels below, then contact us to discuss pricing and Sponsorship customization. 


Our Appreciation

We greatly appreciate the support from past and current sponsors.  They are the reason we have been able to grow this event from 125 vendors in 2012, to over 520 vendors in 2018.  When we succeed together as Sponsorship Partners, the benefit goes directly to our community by adding new jobs, and new business development.  Thank you and we look forward to a bigger and brighter future - Together! 

View the Expo official Sponsorship Report From 2012-2018